Shearing Industry Consultants
Shearing Industry Presentations and Events, Coaching & Coaching Resources - Shed Design -  Competitions - Records - Expert Witness reports - Insurance Investigations, Posters and Brochures

Consultancy Exercises Shearing Pattern Comb Preparation  Manual Shed Design Woolhandlers


Shearing Industry Consultants are experienced in: 
- Workers Compensation Claims Investigations,
- Expert Witness Reports
- Shearing Demonstrations & Events
- Shearing Industry Statistics
- Shearing Shed Design - Competition Rules, Promotion, and Software
- Shearing Records, design, setup, and Shearers Payroll Software
- Shearer and Woolhandler Coaching Courses - Shearer & Woolhandler Coaching Resources
- Shearing Gear Preparation - Coaching and booklets
- Shearing Gear Problems - Industry problems
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