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Martin Howlett 539, Jon Roberts 536 set new World 8 hour, two stand ewe record of 1075, at Salisbury, England - Congratulations
Stuart Connor misses World 9 hour Lamb record attempt, but sets new British ewe 9 hour record of 785
27/4/2019 - Lou Brown sets new World 8 hour Merino Ewe Record of 497 at Kojonup, West Australia - Well done Lou
shearingapp now available - Link
30th March, Joshua Clayton missed an attempt at the World 8 hour Merino Ewe recorrd of 466 at Oxton  Park,Wombat Road, Harden NSW -  Hard luck Josh
Awesome effort, Rowland Smith sets New 8 hour strong wool ewe record 24/7/2017 -  644 - Link
Congratulations Leon Samuels, New 8 hour strong wool ewe record 20/1/2017 -  605 - Link
New 8 hour strong wool ewe record 17/1/2017 - Luke Mullins, Eru Weeds, James Mack - 1611 - Awesome effort   -  Link
New 8 hour strong wool lamb record 11/1/2017 -Matthew Evans (Wales), Delwyn Jones (Wales), Ryan Miller - 1825 - great effort  -  Link
Coel L'Huillier, Kelvin Walker - new 8 hour 2 stand strongwool ewe record 10/1/2017 -  1068  - Te Hape, Well done  - Link
New Combs and cutters available - Willpower Industries

Irishman Ivan Scott sets new world strong wool lamb record 30/7/2016  -  867 in 9 hours, congratulations Ivan and Team - The first person to hold the 8 & 9 hour lamb record at the same time - Link

AWU in the 1980s - Link  -Link 2
Matt Smith sets new world strong wool ewe record - 26/7/2016  -   731 in 9 hours, awesome effort  - Link

Errol & Kalin Chrystal, Shelford Wilcox
Tuesday 5th January 2016 - Solo, 8 hour strong wool ewe at Maungarata Farm, Masterton, N Z  Link

Cutting Wool for Cancer Day

Stacey TeHuia set a new  9 hour Merino ewe record at Parkdale Stud, Dubbo, NSW, Australia 20th February  2015  
530 congratulations awesome effort
 Commiserations to Bob White and Beau Guelfi - 21st February 2015 - 8 hour, 2 stand merino ewe attempt, Parkdale Stud, Dubbo, NSW, Australia unsuccessful, the sheep were not at all suitable

Books on the Shearing Industry worth reading - Link

World 9 hour Ewe record attempt by Stacey Te Huia at Te Hape Station, Bennydale, NZ today 22/1/2015
1st run - 155  -  2nd run - 140  -  3rd run - 132 -  Called off at lunchtime  - Commiserations Stacey

New 8 hour lamb World Record at Puketiti Station - Official Wool Weight 20.8kgs Average 1.04kgs  Tallys - Aidan Copp 586 - Ringa Paewai 618 - Willie Hewitson 603 - George Parker 539 - Jock McDonald 564 - Total 2910 - Congratulations to the young guns 

New app  for the shearing industry to be released in the next few weeks
Badgingarra Speedshear October 4th - Open Winner Coel L'Hullier  -   Esperance Speedshear October 17th - Open Winner Dwayne Black
Dubbo Record - 3 Stand Merino Ewe 1289 Footage - Click
World Shearing Champs results - click  or Here

Congratulations New 8 hour Merino Ewe Record set at Parkdale, Dubbo, New South Wales, Australia 5th April 2014
Steve Mudford 396  -  Bob White 432  -  Beau Guelfi 461  -  Total 1289  
World Record Referees  -  John Fagan Convenor (New Zealand)  -  Quentin Rogers, South Africa)
Tony Abbey, Peter Artridge, Peter Black, Mark Baldwin (Australia)

Golden Shears Results - Click

Steve Handley, awesome shed shearer from Chinchilla, Queensland passed away first week  in February  2014 A big loss, sympathy to friends and family

John McRae, shearing contractor for 55 years, of Armidale NSW passed away on Thursday 23rd January 2014 Funeral to be held Friday 31st in Armidale. Sadly missed by the industry. Sympathy to family and friends


New 5 stand world record 10/12/2013 at Cashmore Farms - 2638 Strongwool lambs in 8 hours  -  Angus Moore 607,  Sam Welch 573, 
Cole L'Huillie 518, Richard  Welch 491, Peter Totwera 449  

Stephen Pinchin, Shearing employer from Esperance Western Australia  passed away 10th November 2013 from a series of heart attacks
A tribute will be held Sunday 17th November at 12 noon at West beach in Esperance If you have a surf board bring it as a wreath will be put out to sea in his honour Bring a beer and a story to share about Stephen

NZ Merino Fine Wool Championships 2013 - Open Shearing  - 1st Damien Boyle, 2nd Dion Morrell, 3rd Grant Smith, Full results Link
Jack Ratima, great man, great shearer passed away 27th September, RIP    

Rick Pivac (New Zealand Master Shearer) died in a motorcycle accident near Mingenew, Western Australia WA Early last week, Sympathy to friends and family  -  Tangi will be at Kareponia Marae, 5972 State Highway 10, Awanui, Northland, he will be there from Friday night - Burial is at 11am Saturday 22nd September

New rates for Australian Shearing Industry - Link

New Book on shearing in Australia "Mateship and Moneymaking"    with the subtitle “Australian shearing:    Author "Rory O'Malley"
 The clash of union solidarity with the spirit of enterprise, 1895 -1995”. It covers the origins of contract shearing, the pastoral award, origins of shearer training and competitions, and various disputes which occurred from 1902 to the wide comb strike in 1983. It contains a lot of long forgotten history  -  The Author "Rory O'Malley" plans to go on a talking tour of NSW/Qld towns later in the year   -  All Enquiries 

Mike Duff has passed away, awesome shed shearer from the 1970s and 1980s Sympathy to family and friends

NZ Shearing Championships 2013
Open shearing - 1st Rowland Smith, 2nd Nathan Stratford, 3rd David Buick, 4th Dion KIng, 5th Mark Grainger, 6th David Fagan
Senior Shearing - 1st Bruce Guy, 2nd Brett Robert, 3rd Lachie Baynes, 4th Hemi Braddick, 5th Jack Fagan, 6th Steve Hanson
Open wool handling - 1st Hanatia Tipene, 2nd Ronnie Goss, 3rd Keryn Herbert, 4th Ngaio Braddick, 5th Lisa Fagan - Full results

2013 Golden Shears results  -  Link

February 12th 2013 - Stacey Te Huia World record attempt Te Hape over - 1st run 149,   2nd run 141, 3rd run 140, 4th run 136, called off afternoon smoko

Sharpening Shearing Gear

World Shearing Record - Centre Hill Station, Southland, NZ -  4 stand, 8 hour, Strong wool lambs - February 5th 2013
John Kirkpatrick James Mack Eru Weeds Leon Samuels
 160  162  157  159  638 - 1st Run
 160  162   153   160   635 - 2nd Run
 164  156   152   162   634 - 3rd Run
 166  163  153  167  649 - 4th Run
 650  643  615  648    2556 - Total

- February 12th, Te Hape, Benneydale, King Country, NZ,  Solo,  9 Hour Strong Wool Ewes - Stacey Te Huia
-  Current record 721 

- January 31st Dannevirke, Hawkes Bay, NZ, 3 stand, 8 hour strong wool lamb attempt cancelled  - Adam Brausch, Cam Ferguson, Ringa Paewai
- Current record 1784  - Sheep did not meet the specifications of World shearing record rules

One of the great shearers from New Zealand Frog Potae passed away 6th December after a long illness, 64 years young, condolences to all family and friends

Sports Shear Australia-National Shearing & Woolhandling at Warrnambool
National Shearing: 1st Shannon Warnest SA 92.23, - 2nd Justin Dolphin SA 95.22, -  3rd Robbie Glover TAS 101.23

National Woolhandling: 1st Kayla Garner NSW 35.8 pts, -  2nd Angela Wakely NSW 37.4
Trans Tasman Shearing Test -  Australia
Tarans Tasman Woolhandling Test - Australia

NZ Merino Champs at Alexandra
Open Shearing - 1st Damien Boyle,  2nd Chris Vickers,  3rd Tony Coster,  4th Mana Te Whata,  5th Charlie O'Niell,  6th Nathan Stratford
Open Woolhandling - 1st Joel Henare,  2nd Cushla Abraham,  3rd Tina Rimene,  4th Sharnie Graham

Tai Hoera from Dannevirke passed away 2nd September 2012 at home after a long illness,  condolences to his family and friends
Tangi at Kaitoke Marae, Dannevirke, Wednesday September 5th
Tai worked for many years along big East Coast Sheep Stations and was well respected for his skills with dogs and horses 
Tai also worked for many years in the shearing industry 

1986 World Shearing Champion Mark Conlan passed away 24th June 2012 after a long illness, 58 years young, condolences to all family and friends

Mr Trevor Hollet, passed away peacefully May 11th  Trevor has been a long time tireless supporter of Sports Shear, the Industry & Shearing events for many years, he will be sadly missed Funeral 2.00pm, Wednesday 17th May 2012 at the Anglican Church, Tenterfield Members of Sports Shear QLD will be in attendance

World Shearing Championships, Masterton, New Zealand
Machine Shearing Individual - Gavin Mutch - Scotland
Machine Shearing Team      - New Zealand
Blade Shearing Individual     - Zwilewile Hans - South Africa
Blade Shearing Team          - South Africa
Woolhandling                      - Joel Henare  - New Zealand
Woolhandling Team             - New Zealand

Full Results Golden Shears

- New 2 stand 9 hour Strongwool ewes, 18/1/2012 Te Hape, Bennydale, NZ
-Stacey Te Huia & Sam Welch, 1341
1st run - Sam  149     Stacey 143
2nd run -         128                133
3rd run  -         129                131
4th run -          132                133
5th run -          129                134
Total -              667               674
Congratulations, great effort  

- Kerri Jo Te Huia, Women's 8 hour Strongwool lambs, 10/1/2012 Te Hape
- 1st Run  124 - 2nd Run 124  - 3rd Run 133 - 4th Run  126  -  New record 507 - Congratulations

3 World Shearing Record attempts in January
- Ivan Scott, 8 hour Strongwool lambs, 9/1/2012 Opepe Station, Taupo
- 1st Run  187 - 2nd Run 189 - 3rd Run 186 - 4th Run 182    -   New record 744 - Congratulations

Judy Stringer of Waipiata passed away 28th December 2011, Judy and ex husband John ran a shearing business for many years around the Maniototo, Judy had been ill for some time - Sadly missed by many family and friends

New Zealand Corriedale Championships Christchurch 11th November 
Open Shearing 1st S Warnest (South Australia) - 2nd N Stratford - 3rd J Win - 4th T Coster - 5th D Forde - 6th M Smith 
Open Woolhandling 1st H Puna-Whyte  -  2nd H Holm, 3rd A Garvin (Western Australia) 
Open Blades  1st B Michelle  -  2nd M McConnell - 3rd B Thompson
Transtasman Shearing - 1st Australia - Runnerup New Zealand
Transtasman Woolhandling - 1st Australia - Runnerup New Zealand

New Zealand Merino Championships 50th Jubilee at Alexandra 29th Sept to 1st October 
Open Shearing 1st D Boyle (West Australia) - 2nd C O'Neill - 3rd N Stratford - 4th T Coster - 5th D Morrell - 6th J Hull (NSW) 
Open Woolhandling 1st J Kumeroa  -  2nd J Henare 
Open Blades  1st B Michelle  -  2nd Zweliwille Hans (South Africa)

The great Master Shearer Joe Te Kapa passed away 8th August, sympathy to family and friends  Funeral Waingaro Marae Saturday 13th August at 11am

NZ Shearing Champs 2011: Open Shearing: Rowland Smith, Senior Shearing: Bevan Guy, Intermediate Shearing: Brett Roberts,  Junior: Bryce Guy,  Novice: Marshall Guy  -  Open Woolhandling: Sheree Alabaster, Senior: Emma Bolton, Junior: Rahna Watson-Paul

 Golden Shears 2011:   John Kirkpatrick wins Golden Shears Open, Senior Shearing - Matene Mason, 
 Intermediate Shearing - Sharnie Rimene,  Junior Shearing - Michael Rolston
 Tony Coster National Shearing Champion, 
 NZ vs Australia Shearing Test - winners  Australia  -  NZ vs Australia Woolhandling Test - winners  New Zealand  

Joanne Kumeroa wins Open Woolhandling,  Senior Woolhandling - Fiona Christensen,  Junior Woolhandling - Ateneta Puna - Link

The great shearer from Taihape, Ray Alabaster passed away today 2/2/2011 sympathy to family & friends

January 14th, 9 hour strongwool lamb attempt by Ivan Scott, Opepe Station Taupo, Ist Run 182, down 14 on the record tally 2nd run stopped 

January 11th, a two stand 8 hour strongwool ewe attempt by the Smith brothers at Waitara Station, Napier Taupo Road, 986 to beat
1st Run           2nd Run           3rd Run             4th Run               Total
Doug 127        Doug 129          Doug 126          Doug 122             504
Rowland 141   Rowland 142     Rowland 140      Rowland 139        562  
Congratulations to all the team at Waitara Station               1066

8 hour strongwool lamb record attempt January 10th by Cam Ferguson at Bennydale, 736 to beat
Wool weight - 0.98kgs -  1st Run -  183  -  2nd Run -  188  -   3rd Run -  187  -  4th Run - 184  = New Record of 742
Well Done Cam & Team
      -    Sponsored by Lister

Stacey Te Huia sets new World  8 hour strong wool ewe record at Mangapehi,  NZ on December 22nd 2010
1st Run -  146 2nd Run -  152 -   3rd Run -  153 4th Run - 152 = New Record of 603
The previous record  set by Matthew Smith in January 2010 of 578 - Congratulations Stacey   Sponsored by Lister

Steve Stoney attempt on the World 9 hour strong wool lamb record at Kahuranaki Station south of Hastings, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand on 26th November 2010 cancelled after 1st run

Robbie Bush,  NSW Shearing Supplies passed away today 8/11/2010 after a heart attack while in New Zealand  Robbie was a great supporter of the shearing industry and a innovator in many products  Sympathy to family and friends  -  Funeral 17th November,  39L Boothenba Road, Dubbo, NSW at 2.00pm

Shannon Warnest wins 2010 Sports Shear National shearing championships, and Rachael Hutchison is National Woolhandling Champion

Damien Boyle, from Western Australia, won the New Zealand Merino Open Championship in Alexandra, runner-up Grant Smith from Rakaia the winner in  2000 and 2004, 3rd Charlie O'Neil, 4th Nathan Stratford, 5th Mana Te Whata, 6th Chris Vickers  -  Woolhandling Open winner, Tawahi Nelson, Alexandra, 2nd Joel Henare, 3rd Joanne Kumeroa, Amy Lee Ruki, 

World Shearing & Woolhandling Championships Wales:
Machine Shearing
1st - Cam Ferguson - Waipawa, New Zealand,  2nd - David Fagan - New Zealand,  3rd - Gareth Daniel - Wales
4th - Gareth Evans - Wales,  5th - Gavin Mutch - Scotland,  6th - Kieran McCullough - Northern Ireland

Teams Machine Shearing

1st - New Zealand,  2nd - Wales,  3rd - Scotland,  4th - Northern Ireland,  5th - England,  6th - Falkland Islands

Blade Shearing
1st - Zingisele Elliot Ntsombo - (Lesotho),   2nd - Sokesele Doba (Lesotho),   3rd - Brian Thomson (New Zealand)
4th - David Ferguson - (Scotland),   5th - Mayenzeke Shweni - (South Africa),  6th - John Dalla - (Australia)

Teams Blades Shearing
1st - South Africa, 2nd - Lesotho, 3rd - New Zealand, 4th - England, 5th - Scotland,  6th - Republic of Ireland, 


1st - Bronwen Tango - (Wales),   2nd - Sheree Alabaster - (New Zealand),   3rd - Menir Evans - (Wales)
Woolhandling Teams
1st - Wales, 2nd - New Zealand, 3rd - Scotland                            More Results

Lister have taken all Supershear manufacturing equipment to their United Kingdom base, and when setup will continue to manufacture under the Supershear name - For last stocks of Supershear click here

Diamond Shears Longreach, Queensland - Saturday 10th July 2010 - Be there

The 17th Scottish Blackface Shearing Championships - Results

Louis Kingi passed away on 24/5/2010 after a short battle with cancer at his home in Balfour Southland, New Zealand surrounded by his family and friends

Jim Nicholas Scia Scia died of a heart attack while swimming in the sea at Dongara, Western Australia 4th April 2010 His wishes will be honoured and he will be taken home to New Zealand be buried by his Mum and Dad

Supershear, Australian shearing gear manufacturer closes down March 31st

Sparky (Raymond) Heke of Temuka, specialist fine wool shearer passed away March 25th 2010 - Sympathy to all his whanau and friends

Cam Ferguson from Waipawa, 1st time Open finalist wins Golden Shears Open title 

Te Ao Reremoana (Nan) Bailey passed away February 15th 2010 - Woolhandler for many years around Southland and mother of 10, 4 shearers, 3 woolhandlers and 1 presser - Rest in peace
Boy Rua, greatly respected shearer passed away at Ohai on February 8th 2010 - Boy only shore around Ohai all his shearing life, sympathy to all family and friends
Hayden Te Huia misses out on 8 hour strong wool ewe record at Bennydale 19/1/2010
Matthew Smith set new World 8 hour strong wool ewe record, 578 at Lloyd and Sonia Holloway's Waitara Station, Hawke's Bay 15/1/2010 
Congratulations Matthew Thompson, shore 100 crossbred lambs in 7 hours at Boyup Brook 15/11/09 
Awesome effort for a 13 year old 
Kangaroo Island Speedshear, Parndana, KI,  South Australia -  27th to 29th November - Link
North Tuppal Station, a 72 Stand shed to erupt with full staff next year  -  Link

Jason Wingfield Sport Shear Australia National Shearing Champion, Rachael Hutchison National Woolhandling Champion  -  Link

Jim Mitchell passed away at Rotorua 28/10/2009 Jim was well know throughout the shearing world and will be missed by all who knew him

Golden Shears founder, Laurie Keats, honoured as a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit - Link

New South Wales Shearing
- Wellington Shearing Comp  9th May, Nyngan Speedshear 10th May, Gilgandra Speedshear 13th May, 
- Dubbo Shearing Comp 16th May, Walgett Speedshear 17th May,    -   Dubbo Speedshear 20th June   -   email

Due to lack of facilities the Longreach Diamond Sports Shears will be held on July 18th in the wool pavillion at the Longreach Show grounds sorry for any inconvenience Over $15000.00 in prize money including a diamond valued at $2000.00 for further information please contact Rayleen Bowden on 0427 580 877 or email

In loving memory of our hugely respected friend and colleague Gina Nathan, woolclasser (stencil no: M1664), master woolhandler and remarkable individual. Gina passed away suddenly in Dunedin Hospital last night 17/3/2009  Gina you were one in a million, you were and always will be an icon of the wool industry. Your skill and passion for the wool, AND GETTING IT RIGHT!! has been an inspiration to us and many others through the years. Your legacy will endure. Thank you for being a mate G, you will be hugely, hugely missed. Signed Raelene McConachie (A1254) and Marg Forde (A1260)  -  Funeral service 11am Sunday 22nd March, Kahuranaki Marae at Te Hauke, Hawkes Bay
Golden Shears results  -  click  -  All results
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Mother-and-daughter,  Margaret and Ingrid Baynes from Wairoa, set a new 8 hour, Strongwool lamb, two-stand World Shearing Record for women on 13/1/2009, at Moketenui Station, New Zealand 
Ingrid Solo 8 hour Record holder - 470 -  Margaret 433 - Total 903

New 8 hour World Shearing record, 736 strong wool lambs set today at Rerewhakaaitu by Ivan Scott from County Donegal, Ireland, now based in Christchurch New Zealand - 192 - 185 - 182  - 177   -  5 more than the previous record set by Justin Bell in 2002

Gavin Mutch stopped his World record attempt on 15/12/08 at afternoon smoko with 542 done. He had stomach upsets, early in the day and was unable to keep up the average time per sheep required Hard luck Gavin

Two 8 Hour Strongwool Lamb World Shearing Record attempts held by Justin Bell - 731 in 8 hours
 - Gavin Mutch (from Huntly near Aberdeen Scotland) now based in Taranaki, will attempt this record at Pohokura, near Stratford, New Zealand on 15/12/08
 - Ivan Scott (from County Donegal Ireland) now based in Christchurch, will also attempt the same at Rerewhakaaitu, near Rotorua, New Zealand  on 19/12/08

2008 Sports Shear Australia National Championships at Hay NSW  - click
Phil Woods (Shearing Contractor from Thargomindah QLD) and his son Tiger (a shearer) were involved in a serious car accident at Thargomindah on 13/11/08 on their way home from work. Tiger passed away as a result. Sympathy is extended to Phil, Carol and Sammie

Handy Hints

Graeme Martin passed away suddenly in Victoria on Thursday 13.11.08 - Marty was a fitness fanatic, helped many people in the shearing industry  Marty originally from New Zealand lived and worked around Dubbo for many years and will be sadly missed by many - Sympathy to family and friends

Grinding Shearing gear properly - Click

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the sad but peaceful death of John W Davis MBE at home in Bath, England last Sunday 5th October 2008  John, former Secretary of the Royal Bath & West of England Society and an Honorary Life Member and former Secretary of Golden Shears World Council, was a true friend of Sheep Shearing and gave of his all for the benefit of others. His contribution of experience and wisdom when involved with founding World Council and in the drawing up of the first Constitution created a strong and secure foundation from which we are benefiting from today. Shearing throughout the World is the stronger for his support and input and for those who knew John, our lives are the richer for having known him - Arthur Rundle, Secretary Golden Shears World Council
Golden Shears World Shearing & Woolhandling Championships Norway - Click
West Australian Shearing Championships on 18th October - Click here

Betsy Unahi passed away 10/9/2008 after a long illness in Mataura, New Zealand - Aunty Betsy was a great helper for over 45 years with shearing competitions in New Zealand, and Australia, helped in Queensland for many years when she lived in Charleville She went back to New Zealand a few years ago - Sympathy to all family and friends

Shearer and Woolhandler Training, Novice to advanced, Improve your performance and increase your skills. Learn the latest techniques with high quality trainers, Gain recognised qualifications - For further information and bookings Call Stephen Madson +(61) 0409 080 243 - Western Australia  - Meals and accommodation available -  link

Shearplus end of year Updates ready now - Payments summaries update, export to File, and other improvements - click
World Speedshear Record Attempt at Dubbo, New South Wales 21st June 2008  -  Link 
Books on Israelite Bay, 1950s & 60s, and Humour Through Handicap - Awesome reading -  Click

Take your hats off guys to Mick Plummer turned 59 recently and shore 308 in merino ewes at Nonning station SA on his birthday. Originally from WA but now spends most of his life shearing round SA with his wife Coleen (also a great cook ) in his bus "The Hacienda". He still shears 200 plus most days and is an inspiration and true Aussie Legend . well done Mick  - G Haynes

The first edition of Ringer magazine is at the printers, and will be distributed early in June! Ringer is a FREE bi-monthly magazine for the Australian Shearing Industry  -  To secure your copy contact 
Alternatively if you would like to be a distribution point for Ringer please contact 

Rainbow, real name Gerard Crooymans passed away in Esperance 18/5/2008 after a long illness. Rainbow originally from NZ, came to Esperance in the early 1980s and made it his home. He shore and also crutched and ran a dipping service around Esperance for many years. He was a confident, outspoken person and will be missed by many. Sympathy to family and friends

Sports Shear Australia Association 3 day workshop and fundraiser July 3/4/5 2008  -  Link

Des Allan, past Australian Shearing Champion, passed away the first week in April. Des was in the first Australian Shearing Team to New Zealand's Golden Shears in 1961, with Kevin Sarre and Fred Jarvis. He will be sadly missed

King Country shearing contractor and publican Steve (Traggy) Trangmar passed away in his ute as a result of an accident early on Sunday morning 16/03/08. Widely known and well-travelled in NZ, Traggy was a true character who will be missed by many and will surely live on as a shearing world legend.  Relatively new to the ownership side of a pub bar, Traggy organised the inaugural and very successful Te Anga Tavern Speed Shear on Saturday night; his commitment to and interest in the shearing community was huge.  Sincere sympathy to his family – children Te Rangi, Hayley and Sam and special friend Ging.  Funeral Waitomo Marae 10 am 22/03/08 Easter Saturday

Golden Shears New Zealand, Open Shearing:1 John Kirkpatrick, 2 Paul Avery, 3 Dion King , 4 David Fagan, 5 Gavin  Mutch, 6 Dean Ball
Open Woolhandling:1 Ronnie Goss, 2 Angelique Gage, 3 Hanatia Tipene, 4 Joel Henare
Transtasman Shearing: 1 NZ,  2 Australia - Transtasman Woolhandling: 1 NZ, 2 Australia
National Shearing: 1 David Fagan, 2 James Fagan, 3 Grant Smith, 4 Nathan Stratford, 5 Tony Coster, 6 Gavin Mutch 

Piet Tenteng one of South Africa's leading shearers and NWGA Instructors passed away on 24/2/08 after a long illness. Piet represented South Africa at the World Championships in Ireland and was a gifted shearer. Piet will be sadly missed by instructors, wool farmers, and the shearing industry in South Africa and worldwide. To Piet's family and friends we are thinking of you in your time of sadness

Jimmy Clarke claimed the solo 8 hour strongwool ewe record by shearing 560 strongwool ewes on January 23rd at Wairaki Station, Southland - Wairaki is home of 4 other World shearing record attempts, Dion Morrell 716, Darin and Wayne Ingram's 1347, Darin Forde's 720, all on strongwool ewes, and Darin Forde's Team's 6 stand strongwool lamb record of 4188 - Link
Stories, photos and advertisements needed for new Australian Shearing Magazine (Ringer) due out midyear. Magazine will be free and available through shearing supply outlets, some contractors (let me know if you want some) and by subscription. For more information contact Donna on (+61) 0404 594 274 or email  
Blair Rhodes solo 8 hour strongwool ewe record attempt at Mangaweka postponed, sheep were crutched outside the World Sheep Shearing Record Committee's template - Link
Ivan Bowen, Legend in the shearing industry and Open Winner of the Inaugural  Golden Shears in 1961, passed away, 91 years old, at his home in Rotorua 29/12/2007 - Sympathy to family and friends

4 stand, 9hr strongwool lamb world record set Friday 21st Dec .Roger Neil's gang - Waihi Pukawa Station,  Turangi  - 

Tallies James Fagan Cartwright Terry Beau Guelfi Roger Neil Total
1st Run 164 167 163 162 656
2nd Run 142 142 140 138 562
3rd Run 146 144 137 137 564
4th Run 146 144 135 136 561
5th Run 142 137 138 137 554
Total 740 734 713 710 2897

Joe Paewai, well renown shearer, passed away 5/12/2007  Joe was a great fine wool shearer, won the NZ Merino Championships open event this year, was a NZ Shearing Team member. He will be sadly missed by many.   Sympathy to Dianne and family  

Waikaretu shearer Emily Welch busted the Women's World 9 hour strong wool lamb shearing record with a tally of 648 - on the 27/11/07 - From 5am to 5pm at Whitford's Woolshed, Waikaretu Valley Rd, Waikaretu 
The old record was set in 1989  -  Well done Emily - Link   Video

Tokoroa-based shearer Wai Whitiwhiti has died in a tragic accident, fishing off Northland rocks.  Wai and his wife and great companion Denise have been a widely respected, hardworking couple, part of the shearing industry for many years. A devoted father, keen pig hunter and fisherman, successful show shearer and key support crew member for record breakers Justin Bell and Rod Sutton, Wai will be missed by many

Sportshear National Shearing and Woolhandling Championships, Saturday 27th October - Warrnambool 
Shearing Placings : - 1st Shannon Warnest, (SA) -  2nd Jason Wingfield,  (Vic) - 3rd Beau Guelfi,  (WA)
 - 4th Daniel Mc Intyre,  (Vic) - 5th  John Tonissen,  (Vic)  -  6th Robert Glover,  (Tas) 
Woolhandlers Placings : - 1st Deb Chandler, (WA) - 2nd Mel Morris, (TAS)  - 3rd T Denholm, (SA)
 - 4th Eileen Philipson, (NSW) - 5th Bruce Lines, (Qld) - 6th Rachel Hutchinson, (NSW)
Transtasman Shearing Test  -  Winner  -  Australia,   Runnerup,  New Zealand
Transtasman Woolhandling Test -  Winner - New Zealand  -  Runnerup,  Australia 
Open Shearing Winner  - John Kirkpatrick (NZ)
Open Woolhandling Winner - Joanne Kumeroa (VIC)

World 8 hour, 2 stand, Merino Wether record attempt on October 20th, Hughenden, Queensland, Laurence Bateman and Dave Grant did Queensland and Australia proud 
World Shearing Records Society Referees, Hendrik Botha, Eddie Archer, (South Africa) - Bernie Walker, (Australia) - Peter Black (Australia)    -   Wool Weight - 4.46kgs
Run Tallys - Dave 87, 89, 87, 93 = 356              Laurie 82, 87, 91, 93 = 353         Total  =  709 

Bill Morrison of Alfredton, ex Shearer, Contractor, and administrator for the NZ Shearing Contractors Association passed away suddenly early October 2007 at home. Bill was very well respected throughout the shearing industry for his input. Sympathy to Gloria and family
West Australian Shearing Championships on the  20th October at Esperance showgrounds
Open Shearing Winner - Jack Noble - Senior  - Zane Theobald, Intermediate - Belinda Box, Contractors Relay - Matthews 1  -  Open Woolhandling - Bonnie Steel

Joe Paewai wins NZ  Merino Championships at Alexandra, John Emslie runner-up, Woolhandling winner Joanne Kumeroa

Sports Shear Australia State Teams to the National Championships at Warnambool Vic 27th October - WA Shearers; Ray Sharpe,  Beau Guelfi - Woolhandlers; Deb Chandler, Esmeralda Harmer  -TAS Shearers; Steve Rigby, Robert Glover - Woolhandlers; Michelle Walker, Mel Morris - NSW Shearers; Dwayne Black, Daniel McIntyre - Woolhandlers; Eileen Philipson, Rachel Hutchison - SA and Qld Yet to be selected - 
Australia Team for the Transtasman Test - Shearers; Shannon Warnest SA - Carl Goodman QLD - Ross Thompson NSW - Woolhandlers; Sarah Lannan NSW - Mandy Symons NSW 

Supershear Specials         Click       -         Combs  

Paul (Pou) Edwards collapsed while shearing in Central Otago Aug 23 and died later that morning in Dunstan Hospital. Aged 39 and a loving father to three boys, Paul is a member of the respected Edwards shearing family from Mataura, Southland, NZ Sympathy to family and friends
Lex Jury, Shearing Judge, World Shearing Records Secretary and Records Referee for over 15 years at records in New Zealand, Australia, and South Africa, passed away July 16th aged 65 -  Sympathy to all family and friends

Shearplus Payroll Program Update Now Available - email

Longreach Diamond Sports Shears 27th-28th July 2007 - for more info call Rayleen Bowden on (+61) 0427 580 877 or email Winner  Terry O'Leary - Runner-up Dave Grant

Elite Speedshear  23rd June, Shearing Supplies NSW, 189 Fitzroy St, Dubbo-  International  and National Competitors attending - Rod Sutton, Dwayne Black, Barry Taylor, Atawhai Hauraki, Jason Wingfield, Hilton Barrett, Nigel Brown, Wayne Forester, also Intermediate, Senior and Open Speedshear - Link

LOCHEARNHEAD SHEARS 2007  - Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July  - Link

BEN TEHEIMAUROA SMITH - A total legend. Ben passed away after a long battle with his health, fighting to the end. Ben was part of a eight stand shearing record at Huiruia Station on the east coast of NZ back in the 60's shearing 402 in 9 hours thin gear and all. Shearing the north and south island circuit for many a years and even did a stint of farm managing on Matakana island. Raising four shearers and a woolclasser, Arthur, Tane, Darren, Mike, and Fleur. Sadly missed, gone to see his mates Rakai Tamihana and Lee Martell. Rest in peace Ben. Love and miss you Papa, from William and Michael. xxx

Cunnamulla Masters Games, Queensland, Australia - 2nd to 7th of May - link 

Golden Shears - Masterton New Zealand Final Night  -  Results                     Press
   Two men dead-heated in the open final of the Southern Shears in Gore Feb 17. Paul Avery and Dion King finsihed up on the same total, but the open title was awarded to Avery in accordance with rules, given he had the better quality points.  In other events at the South Island's longest running major show, James Fagan took out the South Island Shearer of the Year contest and Joanne Kumeroa the open woolhandling
Alan (Curly) Matthews passed away 13th February 2007 after a long illness. Alan was Porky Matthews brother (deceased 2006) and was well known for his trucking and helping with the Shearing Industry in the Esperance area of West Australia. He also had a passion for politics and helped enormously with Liberal party campaigns. Sympathy to family and friends
Rod Sutton sets new  9 hour strong wool ewe record on January 31st at Bennydale, King Country NZ  - Official Woolweight -  3.3kgs -- 1st run 158 -- 2nd run 140 -- 3rd run 142 - 4th run 140  -  5th run  141 = Total 721
beating the 720 - held by Darin Forde set in 199
7 - Click     Press
Dion King sets new 9 hour World Strong Wool Lamb record 866 on 10th January 2007 at Bennydale, King Country, NZ,  beating the 851 set by Justin Bell in 2004 - Click 
Gavin Mutch wins New Zealand Lamb Shearing Title  Click - Gavin was 5th at the 2005 World Championships in Toowoomba on Merinos, and 4th in the Golden Shears Open on Strong Wools in 2006  - Pic
2000 & 2005 World Machine Shearing Champion, Shannon Warnest took out the SA Great Regional Award of Excellence in Sport 2006 in the Limestone Coast Region of SA.

9 hour strongwool lamb record attempt in Hawkes Bay by Dion King 29th November, Okahu Station, Havelock North, NZ - Dion was hindered with gear problems being 18 down at lunch time and he stopped at 2.15pm after shearing 634 .- Hard luck, but a valiant effort Dion  - link

Ben Frewen wins WA Shearing Championships in Esperance on Saturday Oct 21st,  Beau Guelfi runner-up. Matthew Enterprise Contractors Relay Winner, Senior Winner  Jeremy Sim, Intermediate winner John Hagley - Results
October 6th & 7th 2006 the Australian National Shearing Championships. Shannon Warnest (SA) wins National Shearing Title for the fifth time - National Woolhandling Champion Sian Bacon (Vic)  - Link
New Champion for Calgary Stampede in Canada  -  Link
Nathan Stratford is 2006 NZ Merino Championship Open winner at Alexandra and TAIWHA NELSON  2006 Merino Championship  Open woolhandling winner - Congratulations
Shearers and Woolhandlers hard to get? - Shearing Industry Coaching is the problem - Opinion 
John (Porky) Matthews passed away 8th March after a long illness. Porky was a well known shearing contractor  in the Esperance area of West Australia. He had a passion for the shearing industry, was very comical and had agreat sense of humour. His stories were a joy to listen to. He was well respected throughout the industry in Australia and overseas. He was a fanatical supporter and  member of the Carlton Football Club. Sympathy to all family and friends  
New Winner of Golden Shears Open. Dion King - from John Kirkpatrick and Paul Avery, with Scotland's Gavin Mutch 4th - then Dean Ball and Tony Coster  - Gina Nathan Open woolhandling champion -  NZ wins against Australia in both the Supershear sponsored shearing and woolhandling Tests  - Link
Darin Forde sets another World Speedshear Record, this time in West Australia at the Perth City Muster on Saturday 25/2/2006 - 1 Merino ewe -  48.87 secs, 4.1kgs wool weight. Darin now holds 5 World Shearing records, Good one Darin -      Pics              Press
New event on the shearing calendar, Shearpower Invitational Sprint won by Darin Forde  Link  over 8,000 people at the Perth City Muster had the opportunity to see 5 World Class shearers in action  -  Press
New World Blade shearing Records set at Victoria West, South Africa, 460 for two stand merino lambs and 245 Solo see here

New World Speedshear Records set in at Tuatapere Centennial celebrations, Southland, New Zealand 4/2/2006
Strong wool lamb - Darin Forde 32.15 secs, 0.9kgs wool weight
Strong wool ewe - Shane Harvey - 35.63 secs, 3.4kgs wool weight - Congratulations, another 2 World records for Southland  -    Press release                            TV News

3 Southland Farmers smashed a World shearing record by 417 on January 30th at Mt Linton Station, Southland, New Zealand.  The  3 power house Southland men, Shane Harvey shore 804, Peter Harvey 777, and and Jimmy Clark 769 for a total of 2350 Strong wool lambs in 9 hours, which shattered the previous record of 1933.
Organiser of this attempt and many other successful attempts is the very experienced Brendon Potae   Southland shearers are now dominating the record books. click here

Want a giggle click here                                                          Want some positive quotes click here 

Stage show THE GUN performed by the multi award winning team of kompany M. (of ROAD TRAIN fame) Written by bush poet John Taylor and playwright Hellie Turner. Just returned from appearing at the Bendigo Ag Show where Dwayne Black set two World records. A fantastic hour of fun which tells a comic tale of a day in the life of three shearers (gun shearer BLUE, gun knitter GUS, gun lover YAKKA) and their dedicated rousie JESS. Shenanigans in the shearing shed ... with original songs and live music. Bring the family.  -  When?  17th, 18th, 19th & 20th of November (matinees and evening shows)  -  Where? The big tin shed behind TAYLOR'S STUDIO, 510 Great Northern Highway,  Middle Swan, Perth.   -  Bring yourself ... bring the whole family. You'll be so glad you did.  Call 0409 084 106 for further information and bookings.  Sponsored by TOP GUN Shearing Supplies.

New World Shearing Records at the Bendigo Show, Victoria, October 22nd 2005  -  click

Paul Rose, World records referee, competition judge, shearing instructor, Golden Blades winner and down to earth extra good industry person, passed away earlier this week. - Sympathy to friends and family

A Beach for your Horse ride     Link  

New NZ Fine Wool Shearing Champion 2005 is Ken Ferguson. He won in the final at Alexandra on Sept 17th from James Fagan.  Aussie Ian Wratten third.  Tina Rimene took out the open woolhandling title and Paerata Abraham won the senior shearing.

Hump Ridge B&B - Bushwalks, Southland seaside, Native birds - Come visit us -  click

Worksafe inspectors in West Australia overstepping the mark. Issuing improvement notices to Shearing Employers having formed their own opinion that employers need  "A Full coverage Q Fever Testing and Vaccination program of all employees" - What about Hepatitis B, Aids, the Flu, the common cold - What do you think?
Australia wins shearing, Lesotho wins Blades, New Zealand wins Woolhandling at World Championships - Click
John Ferguson a great shearer and judge at competitions passed away early June Click

Burgon & Ball Ltd     Proud Sponsors of the English Team   to the Golden Shears World Championships in Toowoomba,  Australia  Click

In Memory of Nuku Smiler, Sadly passed on the 18/5/2005 in NZ, Fleur Smith  -  Click
Jim and Lisa Mason of New Hampshire USA, are planning to stop in New Zealand for a few days in June 2005 and we are looking for some old friends we sheared with in the early 80's.  If you can help us contact anyone it would be appreciated.  Ross and Trevor Watson, Greg Hunt, Barry Woods. Email me.
Jamie Fleming passed on and it will leave a big hole in the Te Karaka, Gisborne, East Coast community  -Click
New Zealand Shearer & Woolhandler Training, (Tectra) up for Sale      Click here
 Golden Shears World Championship 2008 will be in Norway. Visit our web-site, and start planning Your trip to Norway in October 2 - 5 -  2008      Click here       -       email: 
It is with my sad regret to hear Elaine Robin (44) a Gisborne woolhandler, and Jordan Collier (18) a shearer of Opotiki have died from injuries received in an accident on their way to the shed while working in Dannevirke area 8th of April 2005   - Elaine came 4th in the Junior Woolhandling at the Golden Shears 2005 and Jordan won the Junior Shearing at the NZ Shearing Championships at Te-Kuiti.  - Amber Collier and Joel Henare
On Tuesday the 1st of March at the Wimmera Machinery Field Days Chris Toat started shearing at 7.30am and completed 21 runs continuous shearing with the usual 8 hour day breaks (2 hour run, 30 minute break, 2 hour run, 60 minute break) in between for a total of 835 crossbred lambs shorn an average of just under 40 a run. 3 days and 2 nights shearing finishing 4.30pm on Thursday afternoon  Chris raised $30,000 for charity organisation Wimmera against cancer in kids and quite a few eyebrows on the way - Well done Chris
A world sheep-shearing champion appears to match, or exceed, Top AFL players intensities playing more than 5 consecutive AFL games in one day  -  and this rate is more than three times greater than that of ultramarathon athletes who are one of the few athletic groups exercising for similar periods of time and who rarely lose more than 0.5 litres of fluids per hour  -    Click for full report
New World merino shearing record in Kojonup, Western Australia on Tuesday 5th April click for Press Release

Andrew Denton's "Enough Rope" on ABC TV Monday 28th March all over Australia  -  Link

Can anyone tell me if Patricia Grant was a  champion New Zealand shearer, and if so what year, contact D Williamson .  email
Proud to announce that Joel Henare, from Gisborne has won his second show in the Junior at the age of 13 he will now be moving up to the Senior as he won the Dannevirke woolhandling, Lumsden lamb show. He started at the age of 12 with the help of Tina Rimene and Alexandra was his first show where he came third. Kia Kaha Joel go hard for the future!
Three-times NZ Golden Shears winner Colin King has been chosen to contest the Kaikoura seat for the National Party in the next election.  The seat is traditionally a blue-ribbon National seat - the opening for a new Kaikoura MP came about because the sitting MP Lynda Scott is retiring.  King and his wife Lynette have moved to Blenheim, the largest town in the electorate

New World 6 stand lamb record to Darin Fordes Team wool weight 1.34kgs - 698 sheep average per man  Click Here

I am looking for a gentle, competent shearer for spinner's flock (5 sheep) - will trade 1 week room/board. Located in Blue Ridge Mtns of Virginia, near Washington, DC and Baltimore, Maryland. Easy access to trains/airports. Historic and scenic area. Other flocks in area may also need shearing. MUST have excellent, verifiable references. Contact email  Dee Dunn, Hillsboro, VA 20132 USA, 540-668-6904 

New Strongwool lamb record  -  851 in 9 hours by Reporoa shearer Justin Bell  -  Click

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