Honour Board

For those individuals who have had a major affect on the shearing industry at various levels - Selected by panel
The Super Shearers:
These people are the top of the shearing industry with sheds, competitions, records and broad based shearing  abilities taken into account on all types of sheep, Fine Wool and Strong wool


New Zealand
- 1995 WA Shearing Champion
- 1995 Runner-up Golden  Shears NZ Open  Champion
- 1995 Australian Champion
- 1996 World Champion runner-up Shearing Team member
- 4 times NZ Merino Champion
- NZ National Champion

- World Record 3 stand member 1957 Strong wool  ewes 1993
- World Record 716 Strong wool ewes 1995
- World Record 507  Merino ewes 1997

New Zealand
- World Champion runner-up 2000
- 2 times NZ Merino Champion
- 5 time NZ National Champion
- Golden Shears NZ Open Finalist
- World Record 2 stand member 1335 Strong wool ewes 1996
- World Record 720 Strong wool ewes 1997
World Record 6 stand member  4188 strong wool lambs 2005
World Speedshear Record Merino Ewe - 48.87 secs 2006
World Speedshear Record Strongwool Lamb - 32.15 secs 2006

New Zealand
- World Champion 1980 
Golden Shears NZ Open Champion 6 times
NZ Merino Champion 4 times 
- NZ National Champion
- World Record 550 Strong wool lambs 1969

- World Champion 1986
Golden Shears Australia Open Champion 4 times
- World record 426 (Narrow combs) 

New Zealand
- 1983 Golden Shears Open Champion
- 1983 NZ Merino Champion
- World Record 586 Strong wool ewes 1986

- Golden Shears Australia Open Champion 2 times - World record 426 (Narrow combs) 

- Australian Champion 5 times
- Golden Shears NZ Open Finalist
  World record 346 Merinos (Narrow combs) 1965   

New Zealand
- 4 times NZ Merino Champion
- 6 time Golden  Shears Open  Finalist
- NZ National Champion
- World record 650 strong wool lambs 1979
- World record 722 strong wool lambs 1979
- World record 743 strong wool lambs 1980

- 5 time World Blade Champion
- 10 times South African Blade Champion

South Africa
- 4 time World Blade Champion
- 7 times South African Blade Champion
Shearing Guns:
These people have represented their country, and/or done well in competitions, and/or set World records and/or have been consistently among the best in the sheds 

Dick Duggan, John Allen, David Ryan, Allen Cullen, Jim Walker, John Harris, John Hutchinson, Jim Mott, Gene Mills,  Ian Wratten, Bill Moorehead, Peter Artridge, Trevor Bacon, Mike Henderson, Nick Endacott, Dean King, Brett King, Shannon Warnest, Hilton Barrett
, Ross Thompson, David Summers, Beau Guelfi, Dwayne Black, Jason Wingfield, 

New Zealand:
Mac Potae, Ivan Bowen, Joe Te Kapa, Godfrey Bowen, Manu Rangiawha, Murray McSkimming, Colin Bosher, Morrie Anderson, Tom Brough, John Brough, Ian Rutherford, Danny Holland, Harry Hughes, Horace Horrell, John Ingram, Ken Pike, Ray Alabaster, Jack Dowd, Roger Cox, Norm Blackwell, Martin Ngataki, Keith Collier, John Fagan, Don Morrison, Kerry Johnstone, Ricky Pivac, Rei Rangiawha,  Peter Lyon, Lou Campbell, Adrian Cox, Kevin Walsh,  Larry Lewis, Keith Wilson, Stephen Dodds, Colin King, Edsel Forde, Alan McDonald, Gerald Hoera, David Fagan, Grant Smith, Rod Sutton, Wayne Ingram, Michelle Harrex, Mana Te Whata,  Barry Taylor, Stacey Te Huia, Sam Welch, Matt Smith, Rowland Smith

United Kingdom:

Andrew Dodds, Tom Wilson, George Graham, George Bain, Willie Jones, John Pughe, Gavin Mutch, Hamish Mitchell, Ivan Scott


Peder Ravndal, Peter Nitz,  

South Africa:
Elliot Nyatsa, Sam Phendo, Piet Tenteng, Charles August, Ken Norman, Daniel Nteko, Themba Khoza,  
Shearing Legends:
If you worked wih these people when they were at their best, you knew who they were 

Paddy Tuppin, Bob Sawallish, Bert Lowrie, Des Seary, Ted Dean, Les Seary, Mickey Thomas, Stan Artridge, Bill Harris, Tony Abbey, Tolly Bowden, Jim  Halliday, Wilson Te Whata, Neil Walsh, Chum Poka, Bomber Bailey, Dick Te Kapa, Ted Lewis, Jim Federici, Rod Haynes, John Pecam, Butch Schliecher, Neville Hartley, Graham Donovan, Mick Peck, Paul Gnys, Hamish McPherson, Steve Handley, Steve Land, Steve Potaka-Osborne, Gerald Hoera, Greg McAtamney, Jock Roberts, Mark King 

New Zealand:

Rimitiriu Raihana, Jim Higgins,  P
ercy De Malmanche,  Carl Unahi,  John Turipa, Monty Serancke, Peter Hohaia, Joe Philips, Jack Ratima, Brian Mac Donnell, Gordon Byers, Jock Heke, Eru Te Wehi, Percy Kara, Bruce Dodds, Jim Walker, Jim Malcolm,  Kevin Nesdale,  Tony O'Rielly, Joe Ferguson, John Hough, Mike Ormsby, Ian Frazer, John Stringer, Tex Wilson, Kelly Hokianga, Lofty Crawford, Bryan O'Brien, Percy Barrett, Stuart Weir, Duncan Wilson, Aussie Carrington, Glenn Forde, Marty Forde, Hugh Matheson, Jimmy Clarke, Shane Harvey, Peter Harvey,

United Kingdom:
John Davis, Stephen Lloyd, Nicky Beynon, 

South Africa:

Ismael Molefe,  Alias Renfoa,  
Shearing Backbones:
These people were the helpers at competitions, records, training and many industry meetings and outings, the unpaid volunteers


Des Hannabury, Margaret Walker, Stan Artridge, Tom McAffee, Bernie Walker,  Brian Johnson, Doug Mitchell, Ross McKenzie, Joe Duff, Tony Abbey, Herb Hutchins, Robbie Bush, Gary Griffin, Sonia Tipton, Jim Robinson, Karen Land, Ben Moody, Kacee Artridge, Peter Artridge, Dave Curtain, 

New Zealand:
Laurie Keats, Bob Chamberlain, Edwin Ohara, David Grace, Ray Howes, John Wright, Robin Kidd, Harry Wells, Selwyn Tomlin, Graham Jones, John Fagan, Gavin Rowlands, Des Williams, Raelene McConachie, Margaret Way, Peter Lyon, Jamie McConachie, Brendon Potae, Jeff Dorset, Audrey Tamanui, Ailsa Fleming, Mavis Mullins, Koro Mullins, Philip Morrison, Murray Tomlin

United Kingdom:
Wesley Wilton, George Graham, Shirley Beasley, Alun Williams, Colin McGregor

South Africa:
Peter Kingwell, Ian Rutherford, Hendrik Botha, Izak Klopper, Willouw Van Heerden, Harvey Van Heerden,  Eddie Archer, Quentin Rodgers, Jerry Boy Van Heerden, Neil Turner, Roz Turner, Eric Truter, Janet Truter, Neville Hobbs, Rodney Austin
There are many out there who deserve to get recognition for their skills, these are only a starting few
If there are shearers or helpers who you believe should be in one of these classes please
email us -  and let us know. We need Name, Age, Some history and people who have worked with them, and some contacts included