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SHEARSAFE  Injury  Risk Management  Program

Developed by Peter Black with Support and Input from
WorkSafe W.A. - Work Cover W.A. - Australian Workers Union - St John Ambulance

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How to Lower Worker's Compensation Premiums


The implementation of Shearsafe has enabled shearing contractors to negotiate reduced premiums and loadings for workers compensation premiums, and receive rebates

Shearsafe's Injury Risk Management Program includes policies and procedures that allow a business to demonstrate;

- Safe work practices
- Safe work places
- Staff training procedures
- Employees induction
- Injury recording policy
- Hazard reporting procedures
- Educational awareness

Shearsafe is not complicated and easy to implement into your business. 

Shearsafe consultants come from within the shearing industry, not outside it.
They will visit you and your team, and assist everyone in understanding and implementing the program.  

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Workers compensation costs are crippling the shearing industry, and have risen to levels that are driving employers out of business
By reducing workers compensation premiums by only 4% will achieve savings to Australian wool producers and employers of over $10 million per Year
Many organisations have been funded for millions of dollars to research why, and how, the injuries occur, and to find methods to reduce the injury figures
Yet after many years  research, and investigations, injuries and workers compensation costs have risen in some areas, in real terms by over 100% in 5 years.

There has been a lack of documented evidence on shearing injuries.
The seasonal and itinerant nature of the shearing industry has made it difficult to study the variables associated with injuries.

Some work place conditions have not improved in 100 years.

ork output has increased, and safety in the work place has not.

More pressure is put on staff to perform, which at times may not be in the interest of Safety
Today's market no longer relies on your past claims experience
Many underwriters are not interested in Insuring the Shearing Industry, as it is too risky in the present state. Shearsafe have the solution