World Speedshear Records

Current World Speedshear Records

Set according to World Speedshear Committee Rules and Overseen by their Referees, from Australia, New Zealand and/or South Africa

Machine Time Wool Weight Name Place Date Referees

Strong wool ewe  35.63 secs 3.4 kgs Shane Harvey Tuatapere, New Zealand 4/2/2006 Stew Weir, Edsel Forde, Peter Black
Strong wool lamb  32.15 secs 0.9 kgs Darin Forde Tuatapere, New Zealand 4/2/2006 Stew Weir, Edsel Forde, Peter Black

Crossbred ewe  54.25 secs 4.00 kgs Dwayne Black Sydney, Australia 17/4/2005 Stew Weir, Peter Artridge, Jamie Coad
Crossbred Lamb  41.38 secs 1.62 kgs Bill Hutchison  Dubbo, Australia 20/6/2009  Edsel Forde, Ralph Blue

Merino ewe  48.87 secs 4.1kg Darin Forde Perth, West Australia 25/2/2006 John Auld, Edsel Forde, Peter Black
Merino lamb  53.88 secs 1.65kg Dwayne Black Beijing, China 21/9/2007 Edsel Forde, Marco Frigatti, Lei Leixillin

Blades (Hand)                  
Merino lamb 1 min 25.6 secs 1.00kg Samuel Juba Victoria West, South Africa 10/2/2006 Hendrik Botha, John Fagan, Doug Oliver


Previous World Speedshear Records

Crossbred Lamb 44.23 2.26kgs Hilton Barrett Dubbo, Australia 21/6/2008
Merino Lamb 54 Secs 1.30kgs Kenneth Norman Bloemfontein, South Africa April 2005
Strong wool ewe 42.24 secs 3.9 kgs Dwayne Black Bendigo, Australia 21/10/2005
Strong wool ewe 45.41 secs 3.5 kgs Dwayne Black Sydney, Australia 17/4/2005
Blades (Hand)               
Merino Lamb 2 min 18.02 secs 1.00kg Samuel Juba Bloemfontein, South Africa April, 2005

World Speedshear Committee Rules - For World Speedshear Record Attempts

World Speedshear Records Committee
Chairman:          Hendrik Botha ( South Africa)
Vice Chairman:  Edsel Forde (New Zealand)
Secretary:          Peter Black (Australia)
Committee:        Stew Weir, (NZ)  -  Izak Klopper, (South Africa)  -  Bernie Walker (Australia)


South Africa:  Hendrik Botha, Izak Klopper, Eddie Archer, Piet Nel, Quentin Rogers
Australia:       Tony Abbey, Peter Black, Peter Artridge, Mark Baldwin, Bernie Walker, Ken Stan-Bishop, Ralph Blue 
New Zealand: Stew Weir, Edsel Forde, 

1 - Any person/s wishing to attempt a World Speedshear record must apply to: 
     The Secretary, World Speedshear Records Committee, at least 30 days prior to the record attempt
2 - All applications must state if the attempt is Machine shearing or Blade (hand) shearing
3 - Fees to be paid at least 14 days prior to the record attempt.
4 - Referees will be selected by the World Speedshear Records Committee
5 - There will be a minimum of three referees for an attempt 
6 - One referee will be from another country 
7 - All referees must be approved by the World Speedshear Records Committee.
8 - Referees will be remunerated for their expenses
9 - Referees accommodation and meals will be supplied by the applicant
10 - Referees may be remunerated for their time at the World speedshear record committees discretion
11 - The referees at the attempt will select the chief referee
12 - Sheep will be assessed for Sheep Class by the referees before each attempt
13 - Drugs, drips and oxygen are banned in all speedshear record attempts
14 - Random drug tests may be conducted and if proved positive any record set by the person tested will be disallowed
15 - The chief referees decision is final

US$1600 Per application, per class 1 to 5 shearers  -  Machines or Blades
US$2500 Per application, per class 6 to 10 shearers  -  Machines or Blades

1. Strong wool (e.g. British breed) 
2. Crossbred (50% merino)
3. Merino

(a) One even line of ewes
(b) One even line of lambs
(c) One even line of wethers

1. (a) Strong wool Ewes no less than 18 months old: 
        - Wool weight no less than 3.00kgs of wool.
1. (b) Strong wool Lambs: 
         - Wool weight of no less than 0.9kg
1. (c) Strong wool Wethers no less than 18 months old: 
        - Wool weight no less than 3.4 kgs of wool.

2. (a) Crossbred Ewes (50% Merino) no less than 18 months old: 
       - Wool weight no less than 3.4kgs of wool
2. (b) Crossbred Lambs (50% Merino): 
       - Wool weight no less than 1kg
2. (c) Crossbred Wethers (50% Merino) no less than 18 months old: 
       - Wool weight no less than 4.00kgs of wool

3. (a) Merino Ewes no less than 18 months old: 
        - Wool weight no less than 3.4kgs of wool
3. (b) Merino Lambs: 
       - Wool weight no less than 1kg
3. (c) Merino Wethers (50% Merino) no less than 18 months old: 
       - Wool weight no less than 4.00kgs of wool

 1.  A high standard of quality work will be demanded with penalties being assessed on the normal competition basis.
 2.  Each sheep will be assessed immediately after it is shorn
 3.  The sheep will be assessed standing, except where the referees may require the sheep to be turned up for further

 4.  Any sheep which exceeds 15 penalties (18 for Crossbreds, 21 for Merinos ) per sheep will be rejected
 5.  The ratings will be recorded and may be included in the certificate recognising the tally.
 6.  Any sheep with a cut teat, pizzle or shear cut requiring stitches, will be shorn to a quality standard, raddled and 

 7.  Any Merino or Crossbred with a cut, if stitched by the shearer to the referee's satisfaction, and raddled while being
      timed, will be counted
 8.  Sheep in all classes must have a topknot, and natural belly wool
 9.  Normal winter crutching, i.e. full belly, half belly, pizzle crutching, front socks on Merinos must be done at
      least four months prior to the attempt.
 10. Within four months prior to the attempt record sheep must not be dagged or ring crutched any larger than the  
       official  template crutch. 
 11. The dagging or ring crutching must be the responsibility of the shearer or shearers and the referees will
      have the right to dismiss the attempt if it does not measure up to the standard. 
 12. On lambs this will be limited to the standard crutching template (based on the size a normal closed fist)
      measuring down from the base of the tail and including the tip of the tail.
 13. On an adult sheep, this will be limited to the standard crutching template (based on the size of a normal open

hand)  measuring from the base of the tail and including the tip of the tail. 
 14. Standard crutching templates will be provided following  applications for the record attempts. 
 15. The official template crutch may be supervised by judges appointed by the records referees. 
 16.  Checks will be made by the referees prior to the commencement of the attempt to ensure compliance with
       the crutching standards. The official crutching template is to be placed horizontally as indicated on the
       template.   Crutching Template  Note: before printing Template, ensure Fit to Page in print properties
       on your printer is not ticked or the size will be incorrect
 17.  Sheep must be in view of the referees at all times, except in extraordinary circumstances and agreed to by the 


1 - Application for an attempt must be made to the Secretary, World Speedshear records committee
2 - A shearer/shearers may shear two sheep only under each type from one class, and choose the fastest time
3 - A medical person with first aid kit must be in attendance at the attempt
4 - The sheep will be crutched to the official Template only (referees to check) over crutched sheep will be discarded
5 - The shearer starts with his sheep between his legs, handpiece connected and on the floor and the shearing plant on  
      but out of gear
6 - The chief referee counts down the start from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go
7 - The time will be taken from GO by 2 referees and one other person, and will be taken until the shearer pulls his cord 
      after finishing his sheep (or stops the timer with the button) The official time time will be the average of the 3 
8 - Any false starts, (starting before GO) will be penalised by adding 25 seconds onto the finishing time
9 - Any wool plucked or cut after the finishing time i.e. “Cord pulled out of gear” or "Timer button pushed" will incur a 25

  second penalty added to the finishing time
10 - Sheep will be assessed standing unless a special reason for turning over is needed and all referees agree.

       Quality rating:
Any strongwool sheep which exceeds 15 penalties  (18 for Crossbreds, 21 for Merinos) per sheep 
       will be rejected 
11 - A rejected sheep requires a majority decision from referees
12 - Wool weight will be taken after the sheep is shorn and judged
13 - All wool must be weighed on accurate scales with all referees approval (weight checked)
14 - If the wool weight does not come up to the specified weight for that class then the time is null and void
15 - If a sheep is rejected then the time is null and void
16 - Only two sheep for each type can be shorn by each shearer at an attempt, for one class, with one application. 
    e.g. Merino application may shear; 2 Merino lambs, or 2 merino wethers, or 2 merino ewes, per  shearer maximum
    e.g. Strong wool application; 2 strong wool ewes, or 2 strongwool wethers, or 2 strongwool lambs per shearer
17 - Any shearer who breaks a record according to the procedure laid down will receive recognition, i.e. certificate, 
18 - If a shearer is, in the opinion of the referees, under the influence of drugs, or alcohol, they may disqualify that 
       person from the attempt, no other person may replace the disqualified person, and no refunds will be allowed
19 - The World Speedshear Records Committee Secretary may require a 7 day lapse between attempts
20 - If an attempt is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, monies will be refunded, less costs.
21 - If an attempt is postponed to another date, any extra costs may be shared at the World Speedshear Records 
      Committee discretion.
22 - In the case of failure to attain required quality standards, or failure of the sheep or wool to meet the 
      specifications, no refunds will be given
23 - On the completion of an attempt, which receives the unanimous approval of the referees, the 
      referees will announce that a new World Speedshear record has been achieved 
24 - Any persons with a complaint must personally present the written and signed complaint to the Chief 
       Referee within 10 minutes of the completion of the attempt. 
25 - A report on the attempt must be completed as soon as possible and a copy made available to the secretary,
       shearer(s) and World Speedshear Records Committee
26 - The decision of the World Speedshear Records Committee Referees will be final.