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Dwayne Black set a new  World 9 hour merino lamb record  at Yerramullah Park, Badgingarra, West Australia on October 3rd 2004 
Dwayne shore 664 with an average wool weight of 1.01kgs  - The sheep in the afternoon had picked up sand from the yards and cutter changes nearly doubled. The gear changes affected the final tally but that is part of record setting. 

Run Tallies were,
664 Total 

Dwayne's woolhandler is Deb Chandler of Dongara, he insists on having Deb at his World Record attempts due to her awesome ability. She was WA Champion and also Australian National Woolhandling champion in 2007 representing Australia at the World Shearing & Woolhandling Championships in Bjerkreim, Norway in 2008

Dwayne's second is his friend and hero Edsel Forde who gave him the opportunity to work with him, Dion Morrell and Wayne Ingram, very early in his career when he was first shore in New Zealand. Edsel helps him with the necessary mental strength as well as advice before during and after his attempts. 
Edsel has been a mentor at over a dozen World records since he held the World ewe record himself in 1992. His experience in being the top shearer in New Zealand before he had a family (Golden Shears Open Winner, NZ Open Champion, NZ National Champion,  South Island Champion, North Island Champion, WA Open Champion and many more as well as representing New Zealand in United Kingdom and Australia gives Dwayne so much experience to draw on.  Dwayne's shearing pattern is efficient whilst ensuring good rhythm can be maintained, by joining some blows less blows are taken. 

His shearing pattern is based on Shearing Industry Consultants Pattern
Click  and is around 31 blows

Above: Referees Tony Abbey Badgingarra, Hugh McCarroll New Zealand

Referees for October third 2004 record in West Australia were Tony Abbey and Gary Gilmore of West Australia, and Hugh Mc Carroll of New Zealand

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