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Shearing Trousers                                                                                                    To Buy Online Click Here
Topgun Courela Euroa Beiyuan Heiniger
denim shearing jeans, includes diamond crutch 
Top Gun Black New lightweight denim and comfortable
All black denim shearing jeans
Blue denim, shearing jeans with zip legs

Black shearing jeans with zip legs

Blue farm style

Double front, split leg, limited numbers
All sizes available
77.5 to 112
Shearing Singlets Shearing Footwear
Long tail summer singlet

Long tail winter singlet

Long tail Sports Wool 50/50 singlet
Moccasins,  extra heavy duty nylon, poly felt (Supa Moc style)

Moccasins, leather, with side tongue and flap

Moccasins, Leather,  NZ style, suit competitions, light and compact

Rossi shearing boots, normal sole