Shearing equipment made to Willpower specifications by Beiyuan

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email: willpowerindustries@bigpond.com

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Willpower Combs & Cutters
Australia - A$28.50  -  New Zealand - NZ$30.00 

Willpower products are designed for performance and innovation, and also great value
Willpower combs feature a wide "shovel mouth" design for minimum resistance in all conditions, also featuring the strongest tooth design for the ultimate scissor action

They give unparalleled running and cutting performance from new to thin
Long bevel combs feature thin teeth profile for the best possible entry, a consistent smooth tip radius for great flow in all fine wool conditions
Medium and short bevel combs have a slightly thicker tooth profile to ensure great flow in more open type conditions

From the 93 - 7.5 through to the 98 - 3.5 there will be a comb to suit any sheep type, and any shearer

 WIDTH - 93mm
 BEVELS  -   6.5   - 7.5

WIDTH - 95mm
BEVELS   - 3.5   - 4.5   - 5.5   - 6.5    - 7.5

WIDTH - 97mm
BEVELS   - 5.5   - 6.5   - 7.5

WIDTH - 98mm
BEVELS   - 3.5   - 4.5

Willpower Cutters
Australia - A$5.80  -  New Zealand - NZ$5.90 

Willpower cutters feature a wide throw to match the 'shovel mouth' Willpower comb design 
Willpower cutters will work equally well on traditional design combs offering unparalleled throw and cut as a thin cutter on all comb types
Hit the ground running in all conditions with the Willpower 3.5 cutter which is gaining the reputation as the best performance new cutter on the market, with strong fast cut from new to thin

Willpower 4.0 cutter offers great performance and value from new to thin
Willpower 4.5 is  unparalleled for value and performance as a full thickness cutter


  THICKNESS   - 3.5mm   - 4mm   - 4.5mm